Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Zip on these Strips - Chili's Chicken and Waffles strips

So... Lets talk Turkey Chili's

If you remember from my last review on Chili's, I was blinded by my nostalgic love for chicken strips to finally realize that they just... weren't as good as I remembered, especially leftover. There would be a waxy residue and the chicken would be rubbery. 

However, Chili's has come out with a new thing nowadays - these chicken and waffle bites. Each one is topped with a honey chipotle chicken strip over a waffle made with cake batter. 

Just look at these - 

topped with Jalapenos and some cream that I don't remember what it is made out of. 

So here's the skinny on these:


I mean... come on. Look at those strips. They're glossy and just the perfect size for these waffles. Absolutely delicious to look at. The presentation is really cool too. I love the small bits of breading that are around the edges (and I loved eating them too!) I mean really, the look is a 10/10. (read: denouddaden)


Where to begin, where to begin... 
First of all - Honey Chipotle is the way to go when ordering these from Chili's. I mean its the perfect amount of sweet and spicy (A combination that if you've never tried WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING JUST TRY IT) the chicken was warm and well cooked, no waxy taste at all. These are also breaded differently. You can tell from the look but also the taste that its less heavy on the batter - something that you will either love or hate depending on your preference. 

But there is one downfall of this item - The Waffle
The waffle is made with cake batter, but it is a poor terrible mix. It tastes sweet all right, but boy is it grainy. I mean you could rub the grains in between your teeth. I had to take a drink after every bite and could only manage to eat about 1 1/2 waffles before just eating the strip on top. It just wasn't mixed well.

Overall this experience has taught me a few things - 1. Chili's can make a great strip, its just not their classic and 2. Chili's doesn't know how to mix batter.