Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Zip on These Strips - Church's Chicken

When I said that no strips would be omitted from a review, I meant it. So now we are moving on to something new - Fast Food Chicken Strips.

Aaaah yes, Church's Chicken. If you cannot tell I took this picture of strips that I got at a gas station that was a Subway/Church's/Deli/Bait Shop/Normal gas station stuff (I mean, what more can you ask for) al wrapped in one. However, I've had Church's many times before from the actual shops as well, so no discredit here. 


The thing that always bugs me about Church's chicken strips is that they don't ever look the same. That might just be a thing with fast food strips, but normally they all have the same long shape, same thickness, stuff like that. BUT looking at these strips you can see that one looks pretty normal, one curls into itself like it's on defense from being eaten (still ate it though) and one that is just GIANT and T H I C C. The mind can only wonder why they wouldn't be all the same. They also are breaded differently than most chicken strips making the color lighter than most. 


Despite what vibe Church's gives you with the always sticky floors and wobbly tables and all the employees having stains on their shirts constantly (I've been to about 4 different establishments, trust me, they're all the same.) they have THE juiciest chicken strips I ever have eaten. Like the chicken breaks apart well and retains moisture and the breading while no very crunchy adds a great flavor to the chicken. At some places (Chili's comes to mind) their chicken strips leave a less than desirable aftertaste in your mouth. Church's does not do that. It makes you crave more and more and more. They never taste differently regardless of where you get them from. 


Overall I love these strips and they're relatively cheap compared to other places (*COUGH* KFC, RAISIN CANES *COUGH*) but I would MUCH prefer to pay more if I didn't have to wait 20 minutes in a drive-through or have to go into a facility where I am questioning the last time the floors were mopped. If I have to question that then I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. 

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