Monday, October 2, 2017

The Zip on these Strips - Fat Tuesdays

First thing I need to say is that don't go to some tropical location (Like Mahogany Bay in Honduras) and order chicken strips. You will get many looks and a variety of people saying "You can't get those here!" 

But nonetheless they were the cheaper option and dang it, I have a blog to run. 

So while I was on vacation (a 7-day cruise to Honduras, Cozumel, and Belize) I found some chicken strips in Mahogany Bay, Honduras. It was beautiful outside, so we ate them on the patio of the restaurant. Now I cannot be sure that these are authentic since we did not venture too far into the city and this was still on the port, but they were much different than other strips I've had in the Americas. 


I made sure to get a nice and close picture so you can see that these aren't breaded like normal chicken strips you see, they are much darker in color. I believe they used Panko breadcrumbs - or something similar for a coating. They are also much MUCH smaller than strips back in the states. It might have something to do with the chickens not being as fat, (which is purely a guess. I just like strips, I'm not a scientist.) so the tender isn't as thick. 


You know how Chick-fil-a nuggets are really good and they hold together so well and they're very juicy? Imagine that in a strip, but very crunchy. I mean, I'm not sure what I was expecting for chicken strips from Honduras, but it was not that tasty. It was so unique and the honey mustard (which I never dip my strips, keep that in mind.) just complimented it so well, but the strip could still stand fine all on its own. Juicy, crunchy, hot, and delicious. 

The only issue with these strips is the fries that came with them. Very much a bland potato taste.

If I could find the address of the Fat Tuesdays I would put it here, but alas I cannot. 

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