Sunday, July 9, 2017

Compliments to the Sides - The Rock Restaurant and Bar; Homemade Chips

Being someone who enjoys the finer things in life (such as chicken strips) I feel like what compliments the dish is also something worth mentioning, and that is what brings us to this post.

That's right, Side Dishes. 

So I do need to preface this post saying that I did not get Chicken Strips from this Restaurant, I got a burger with a fried egg instead (what can I say, it was calling to me...) However, the chips were the first side listed as your choices to go along with your dish. The best part about these fries is that they are homemade, something I always enjoy hearing. 

So just by looking you can see that some were a bit burnt, but that happens with any sort of friend thing that gets made. The important part is that they weren't all burnt- the majority wasn't, actually. They also gave a few more than what is pictured, but I couldn't snap a picture before my fiance took a few. The had seasoning already on them, giving them a nice look. 

Man, I love crunchy chips, and let me tell you... 
These were crunchy chips. While there were some burnt ones, they weren't unbearable to eat. They already came pre-seasoned, so I didn't need to put any salt or pepper on them. There was also some green action going on (parsley is my guess) that made them feel fancier than just potato chips. They were slightly on the thicker side. If that's your action, you are going to love these. They also didn't taste or feel oily. I could eat a chip and not have to wipe my fingers before touching my phone or drink. 

The only other comment I have about these is that while they are homemade, any place else I go that has homemade chips all seem to taste just like this. Of course, I love how they taste, so a big thumbs up from me. 

The Rock Restaurant and Bar is located at 22934 E Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO 80016

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